A TMGM Exclusive

TMGM Insights is a cutting edge portfolio diversification tool which grants you access to a global selection of stocks, ETFs and Futures carefully curated into portfolios just for you.

Expert Curation & Calculation

Our experts screen through thousands of stocks and skillfully pick the top performers to form a portfolio you can diversify your funds into.

A proprietary Risk Score is calculated for each portfolio, indicating how risky the portfolio is from a volatility perspective.

Our proprietary Valuation Score scores each portfolio based on the P/E ratio of its various components, allowing you to assess how attractive a portfolio is at a glance.

True Diversification

Whether it's diversifying into the Gold Mining industry or Self-Driving cars, TMGM Insights grants you access to over 40 professionally curated portfolios.

Our portfolio includes a wide selection of industries ranging from Solar Power to Social Media and from Smart Banks to Smart Cars.

Performance Transparency

Our proprietary TMGM Insights platform tracks the performance of every single underlying security along with the portfolio's overall performance. Our commitment to true transparency gives you access to detailed statistics of a portfolio's entire historical performance.

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