MT4 Dividend

Please Note: CFD Dividend Rate above are provided ahead of the upcoming rollover (5:00 pm NY time) and as such are indicative rates only. These indicative rates are subject to review pending the actual rates executed after 5:00 pm NY time. The final executed dividend rates may be materially different from the indicative rates. These indicative rates attached are therefore not binding and are provided on a best endeavours basis.
CFD Dividend will be settled in the Balance as part of the Deposit or Withdrawal amount in the MT4 account with "CFD Dividend"comment.
SymbolInstrumentDescriptionLong AmountShort AmountActionCurrencyEffective Date
PG.NYSProcter&GambleProcter & Gamble Co0.7393-0.8698Cash DividendUSD10/21/2021
MA.NYSMastercardMastercard Inc0.374-0.44Cash DividendUSD10/7/2021
T.NYSAT&TAT&T Inc0.442-0.52Cash DividendUSD10/7/2021
JPM.NYSJPMorganJPMorgan Chase & Co0.85-1Cash DividendUSD10/5/2021
KO.NYSCoca-ColaCoca-Cola Co/The0.357-0.42Cash DividendUSD9/14/2021
YY.NASYYJoYY Inc0.51-0.51Cash DividendUSD09/09/2021
BAC.NYSBankofAmericaBank of America Corp0.1785-0.21Cash DividendUSD09/02/2021
MCD.NYSMcDonaldsMcDonald's Corp1.0965-1.29Cash DividendUSD8/31/2021
NVDA.NASNVIDIANVIDIA Corp0.034-0.04Cash DividendUSD8/31/2021
MSFT.NASMicrosoftMicrosoft Corp0.476-0.56Cash DividendUSD8/18/2021
JNJ.NYSJohnson&JohnsonJohnson & Johnson0.901-1.06Cash DividendUSD8/23/2021
NKE.NYSNIKENIKE Inc0.2338-0.275Cash DividendUSD8/27/2021