TMGM is proud to be the main sponsor of The Sapphire Project 2022

TMGM strongly supports the Sapphire Project 2022, and TMGM will contribute its own value in the ocean protection project of “Great Barrier Reef”!

In Australia, more than 85% population lives within 50 kilometers of the coastline, but the marine ecology is severely damaged. TMGM, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, now rank as one of the top 10 Brokers worldwide for Forex Trading Volume. It is our obligatory social responsibility to protect the ocean and create more possibilities for the future of the ocean!

Title sponsored by Tiffany to spark a rush to protect Australia’s oceans. The project fully aligns with TMGM’s corporate values of giving back to society, supporting charitable and socially responsible projects. TMGM is proud to be the main sponsor of The Sapphire Project 2022.

The Sapphire Project 2022

The Sapphire project’s mission is to educate and inspire the Australian community to uniter in taking action to protect our oceans. the Sapphire Project will provide a platform to showcase organizations like TMGM that are actively involved in ocean conservation and connect the Australian philanthropic community to this critically underfunded area.

In 2022, The Sapphire Project will focus on the theme of “Revitalization – Collective Action for the Ocean”, focusing on the world heritage site, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the largest living structure on earth and one of Australia’s most proud cultural heritages: the Great Barrier Reef. Global warming has seen the Great Barrier Reef suffer from repeated bleaching events, and if global warming reaches 2 degrees Celsius, we can expect to lose up to 98% of reefs worldwide.

This has attracted great attention from TMGM. The rapid development of TMGM in recent years is inseparable from the support of all walks of life in Australia. This is the place where TMGM takes root, grows, and flourishes, contributing to the social impact of promoting sustainable development and ocean protection, is an important step for TMGM to give back to the society.

At TMGM, we believe acting in a socially responsible manner is part of our business model. Since the company’s inception, we have been highly committed to supporting and participating in charitable and socially responsible projects, such as: volunteer education in Yunnan, condolences to retired veterans, donate to Australian Guide Dogs Association, donate to the Children’s Fund of the United Pavilion, etc. TMGM has been demonstrating our corporate culture, social value, and social responsibility with practical actions! TMGM’s attitude towards public welfare is the same as its attitude towards our products, be meticulous and constantly push the boundaries!