A platform for every device

Just like its predecessor, MT5 allows you to trade on your desk or on the go.

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Greater Order Flexibility

Take better control over your pending orders with MT5's additional 2 pending order methods

Additional Timeframes

Increase your perspective on the markets with MT5's 21 different timeframes.

Improved Strategy Tester

Backtest and optimize your EAs better with MT5's multi-thread strategy tester.

Depth of Market

Get greater visibility of market liquidity with MT5 Depth of Market (DoM) tool. It allows traders to see the number of trades in the market at various prices.

Why use TMGM MetaTrader 5 Platform?

TMGM's MetaTrader 5 platform comes equipped with superior connectivity, deep liquidity and unrivalled spreads.

With our Equinix data centres in NY4 and TY3 along with our deep liquidity pool, you'll consistently get the best trading conditions.

Bid 1.10005
Ask 1.10006
Spread 0.1

Perfect for
Expert Advisors (EAs)

TMGM's MetaTrader 5 platform is the perfect environment for Expert Advisors to thrive.

Our lightning speed execution and razor thin spreads help your Expert Advisors reach its optimum potential.

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