Product Schedule (ASIC)
Product Schedule (ASIC)

The recent international uncertainties could potentially impact market volatility. We earnestly advise you to closely monitor your open positions and margin ratios during this period. If necessary, please consider reinforcing your margin in a timely manner.

In response to the latest global developments, TMGM is instituting temporary adjustments to our trading and account policies. We kindly request your careful attention to the following modifications:

  • 1 hour before the Friday closing, the leverage for gold will be reduced to 1:50, and for oil will be reduced to 1:10*. This adjustment only applies to new positons.

* This will only apply to ASIC Pro Trader Account.

This page displays the specifications of all our products offered via our TMGM trading platform under ASIC's regulations. Please note that trading sessions displayed are regular trading hours and might differ during holidays.

* Leverage for ETF will be reduced to 1:5 for new open positions an hour before market close every trading day.

Instrument Code CCY* Category Description Digit Trading Size (Contract Size) Min Lot Max Lot Trading Sessions VFSC Leverage (Max) Swap Type Triple Swap
Lastest Update: 5th Sep 2022
The US Stocks leverage might be reduced from 1:20 down to 1:5 3 business days prior to their Earnings Report release date and it will be resumed back to 1:20 within 1 business day after the formal release of the company’s financial report.
Any existing positions will not be affected by the leverage reduction.
This only applies to new positions opened during the adjustment period. Please refer to the products information list on the official website for the actual adjustment date and the actual leverage. It will be updated two weeks prior to the financial reports formal release date. This leverage adjustments will not be shown in the specification in MT4.
Symbol Report Date Leverage Reduction Period Normal Leverage Reduced Leverage
BILI Sep 8th 2022 Sep 5th 2022 - Sep 8th 2022 20:1 5:1
BILI Sep 8th 2022 Sep 5th 2022 - Sep 8th 2022 20:1 5:1
BILI Sep 8th 2022 Sep 5th 2022 - Sep 8th 2022 20:1 5:1
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